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CTTN is an independent and non-profit organization for research, expertise, training and advice. Its action extends to companies that carry out textile care and cleaning activities. It also targets household cleaning and cleaning of the housing of health sector as well as companies that design, produce, distribute or evaluate the materials, products and processes used in the context of professional, industrial and domestic textile care and cleaning. Thus, CTTN contributes to the upgrading of the skills of employees and business leaders, to the modernization of businesses, to the development and improvement of the efficiency and quality of the services they offer, of hygiene, products, materials and processes, to the information and satisfaction of users. It supports companies in the context of technological change, environmental preservation and development of the circular economy. In this regard, CTTN implements a collective actions program for the benefit of the professional and industrial textile care sector. These actions are financially supported by the ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty.